Fund marketing and distribution is undergoing a transformation

The quest for alpha has fueled the growing demand for quality alternative managers, however, the distribution landscape has grown increasingly complex, continuing to challenge emerging managers, as evidenced by 80% of all fund dedicated capital being allocated to the largest 15% of asset managers in the industry.

Investors and allocators, previously captive to fund wholesalers and placement agents are migrating online for investment ideas, research, and management, diminishing their dependence on financial intermediaries and changing the distribution blueprint used throughout the industry. 

Adding to the disruption, asset managers are being forced to adapt to increasing expectations of tech-savvy investors and allocators, requiring them to embrace client personalization and “research on-demand” service models.


The 5150 Beta 2.0 Platform

Resource-rich managers are replacing and enhancing traditional wholesale distribution models with integrated, data-driven digital capabilities.

While most innovators in asset management understand and appreciate the advantages of digital distribution, the technology investment, staffing requirements, and integration risk have kept most sophisticated solutions out of reach for small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

5150’s Digital Bridge platform simplifies the path to digital transformation, allowing early-adopters and innovators in asset management to reap the benefits of sophisticated digital solutions.


The Beta Bridge 2.0 is the all-in-one solution to bridge the competitive gap in an evolving financial services industry.

Beta participants hold the advantage of their specific needs shaping the process of our digitalization. These innovators will have first access to capabilities that will guide them to digital adoption using data analytics, marketing automation, and behavioral economics.


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