Digital Technology is transforming  fund marketing and distribution

While investors growing appetite for alpha has fueled an increasing demand for quality managers, the fund distribution landscape has continued to challenge sub $1billion funds and emerging managers.  Although there is plenty of data showing that smaller emerging managers outperform their peers80% of fund dedicated capital continues to be allocated to the largest 15% of asset managers. 


To increase the challenge of distribution, fund investors once dependent on fund intermediaries for access and research are turning to online resources for investment ideas,  manager access, and diligencediminishing their reliance on intermediaries, forever changing the distribution blueprint used throughout the industry.  


Adding to the challenge, asset managers are being forced to embrace the increasing expectations of tech-savvy investors, requiring them to adopt “research on-demand” and highly personalized service models. 


Digital Bridge

Data driven lead generation, marketing and communications are replacing traditional distribution models.  Digital marketers are diminishing the need for large teams of fund intermediaries.  Today, digital lead generation is enhancing the ability of small teams to identify and influence targeted prospects. 


While most innovators in asset management understand and appreciate the advantages of digital distribution, the technology investment, staffing requirements, and integration risk have kept most sophisticated solutions out of reach for small-to-medium-sized enterprises. 


5150’s Digital Bridge platform simplifies the path to digital transformation, allowing early-adopters and innovators to reap the benefits of data-driven technology by lowering the cost, mitigating the technology risk, and eliminating the integration challenges associated with technology adoption.

The Digital Bridge Solution

5150’s Digital Bridge Platform represents a fully supported marketing and communications solution designed to help managers embrace and implement data-driven marketing, prospecting and communications. We help clients compete in the digital age.  


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