Are You an Innovator or Early Adopter?

Invitation Only Beta Program

In an effort to refine and enhance the capabilities of its Digital Bridge Platform, 5150 is rolling out an “invitation-only” beta opportunity designed specifically for financial services innovators and early adopters.

The program represents a unique opportunity to embrace the benefits of data-driven marketing and communications with a customized service package consisting of:

  • Data Consolidation/Unification and Storage 
  • CRM Customization/Optimization/Sales Enablement 
  • Ideal Investor Persona Creation with Conversion Playbooks
  • Content Creation, Curation, and Management 
  • Omni Channel Campaign Design and Automation
  • Real-time Campaign Oversight and Management

Additionally, as part of the program, participants will receive a:

  • Detailed market analysis of your firm and competition.
  • Market trends/capital flows report, including analysis of LP community. 
  • Technology audit of your systems and capabilities. 
  • Keyword/phrase analysis for SEO/SEM optimization. 
  • Social media landing page setup 
  • Password protected client portal with customized KPI dashboard,
  • Investor data room with guest tracking features

Invited beta participants will be assigned a dedicated team to guide them from beginning to end, allowing selected participants to design and test data-driven marketing, prospecting, and communication strategies and tactics.