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Digital Marketing FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions in the Digital Marketing Arena

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions on the internet today when people are searching for answers about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing all about? 

A: Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies, such as social media platforms and the internet, to advertise to and connect with current or potential clients and communities. With the advent of the modern world and advancing technology, every company wants to be visible on the World Wide Web. Companies fight for their services, products, and brand to stand out amongst the abundance of posts on dozens of media outlets. 

So why is digital marketing so important? 

A: Digital marketing is not only effective, but also critical to the growth and success of a company. Simply put, when a business has an internet presence, the world is its market. No matter how big or small the business, potential clients are lost every day without a website or some form of digital marketing strategy. 

In fact, studies have shown that the number of persons or businesses without a website is gradually dwindling every year. 

Nonetheless, it is notable that there is a precarious balance between having a media presence – whether a widely followed account on LinkedIn or a well-organized website – and getting lost in the deluge of others’ media presences. By this regard, it is imperative to deduce where a company must develop its social media presence to achieve the next level of efficiency. 

What is next level digital marketing? 

A: Digital marketing is the future of advertising. The ease with which online advertising campaigns can be set up and managed provides a cost-efficient strategy to gain popularity in the market and greater industry. 

However, digital marketing may incur large operating costs with little success, so forming a curated digital marketing strategy will allow businesses to effectively incorporate social media and technology into their onboarding and marketing approaches.  

Digital marketing strategies are by and large eradicating traditional marketing strategies that have been and remain expensive and oftentimes useless. These strategies, like cold-calling or print ads, fall short in the digital age when social media allows companies to reach a greater community of people at a lower cost. 

Advanced digital marketing strategies can incorporate pay per click programs, track keywords used by interested visitors to a business’ site or page, and design engaging social media messages and profiles to provide a personalized marketing strategy to individual clients and businesses. 

How does digital marketing benefit businesses and consumers? 

A: While often overlooked by companies, digital marketing benefits not only the consumer but the business. Digital marketing has allowed consumers to directly connect with businesses all over the world, increasing the business profits and consumer knowledge about the product offering, business, and greater marketplace. 

Consumers now have a plethora of information at their fingertips allowing them to research similar products or services to determine what fits best for their needs and lifestyle.  

Is there a place for traditional marketing strategies? 

A: The quick answer—yes, when strategically paired with a digital campaign. Today, the ease of access to information provided by the internet and social media platforms has altered the way consumers find products and people, so the lack of an online presence oftentimes serves to harm businesses in the long run.

The old-fashioned ways of marketing are falling out of fashion as the days of door-to-door flyers and business cards go the way of the dinosaurs, as people cannot easily access information on companies holding onto old ideals. 

Traditional marketing strategies are beneficial when carefully planned. These are helpful when a business knows its targets and the conversion rates of interest to engagement once these targets are marketed to. 

Who can execute a digital marketing strategy? 

A: Successful digital marketing can be done anywhere by anyone. The infinite amount of information on the internet allows anyone to develop a digital marketing strategy for their business or personal profile. This takes a concerted and consistent effort to gain traction in the target community or marketplace. 

Those who have much of their business and personal brand online are often successful because they have a strong sense of what they want to promote and how to get it out there. 

Which digital marketing strategy is best? 

A: Beginners and businesses still trying to figure out which digital marketing strategy is best, can simply attempt to figure it out for themselves. Trial and error are critical to forming the ideal digital marketing solution for business. 

It is important to attempt to implement learned strategies. Using the information available for free on the web will help in learning more about advertising – such as reading articles from directories and blogs. With enough information about digital marketing and advertising to create a foundation, businesses and their teams can begin implementing real-world (and in-real-life) applications into the existing business model. 

Some business owners prefer to pay for a digital marketing consultant and completing research through asking friends and colleagues for recommendations is a good start. Consultants and digital marketing resources can also be found online for a business’ personal and amateur use. The internet is full of online marketing consultants that can assist in helping business owners determine the best digital marketing strategy for the business model in question. 

Digital marketing provides the best opportunity to get products out into the market and let people know about them. It is also a good way to expand a company’s customer base and to increase the amount of site traffic. Pay-per-click is the most popular digital marketing strategy and requires little effort on employees and owners of a business. 

After ensuring the keywords being used in the digital advertising campaign are relevant to the product being sold, much of the rest of the process is automated. Finding these popular and relevant keywords is a time-consuming endeavor, however. So, it may be better to hire a professional digital marketing consultant to help choose the most efficient keywords and ads that will work well in your campaign. 

How should a business start their digital marketing campaign? 

A: Much like traditional marketing, digital marketing requires considerate and concerted effort that is unique to a business’ marketing needs and client base. A business should identify which social media and technologies best assist in accessing and targeting their ideal client demographic. 

The type of platform a business uses depends on their marketing message. Since each social media platform offers different services with varying environments, i.e., LinkedIn for business connection and Instagram for visual brand aesthetic, it is critical that businesses determine who they want to connect with and what they want to gain from social media engagement. An intentional digital marketing strategy will allow businesses to create curated content that effectively markets directly to their potential clients.  

What does a successful digital marketing strategy look like? 

A: A successful strategy optimizes a business’ brand online, and the business or individual understands how to profit off the time and energy put into developing an online presence. Search engine optimization, or SEO, does the marketing work for a website by prioritizing its content in organic searches on any given search engine. 

Simply put, search engines will push websites’ content to be more visible to an interested user and organically draw potential clients to the business’ online profile. Successful digital marketing strategies understand how SEO can market their products, services, and brands without an unreasonable allocation of money, time, and energy.  

Will digital marketing replace traditional marketing? 

A: When the question is digital marketing replacing traditional marketing is posed, the answer depends on who is being asked. There are many marketers who believe that digital marketing will completely replace traditional marketing, while others believe the novelty of digital marketing will soon pass the industry by.  

Digital marketing, today, is best practiced in conjunction with traditional marketing efforts, with the individual business or person determining how to integrate each technique. Neither strategy is a “one size fits all” solution for every business or individual. If a business, for instance, relies on its specific demographic of customers that already know the product, traditional marketing that displays gratitude for that customer may be more beneficial than marketing towards a separate community on social media. 

However, traditional marketing techniques are becoming niche in the increasingly competitive and global marketplace. It is important to tailor a marketing strategy to a business’ brand and target consumer-base.

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