The invitation-only community built specifically for financial services marketers.

Out with the old, in with the new.

As the industry moves online, the old blueprint for marketing, communications, and distribution has grown increasingly ineffective. Many of the traditional strategies that fueled the industry aren’t just ineffective, they are damaging to a brand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a network of peers that you could bounce ideas off and share resources?

Invitation Only.
Mutually Beneficial.

We are building a sales-free, invitation only community for financial services marketers to exchange ideas, resources, opportunities, technology insights, and trends. To launch, we are inviting a few of our industry connections to help us get the right people in the right seats at the right time.

Over$ubscribed: Membership Benefits

Get rewarded for your participation


Represent those who sign up prior to the launch, and sponsor 3-5 community members prior to the official “go live” date.


Members who lend credibility and passionately support the members, features, and benefits of the community. Evangelists must possess influencer skills and the ability to sponsor 5-7 members prior to earning the designation of evangelist.


Members who will help shape the culture and content of the community. They will help identify contributors and curate interactions, such as live chats, interviews, and speaking opportunities. Members must sponsor 5-7 members to earn the Moderator designation.

As a Founder, Evangelist, or Moderator, you will be positioned as a SME while helping us shape the culture, define values, influence who should be invited, and cultivate engagement. Each of those committing to one of these three active roles and meet the defined expectations of their participation will receive:

How to Join

To accept this invitation, fill out the application below, choose your interest level, and submit your request to join.

*To be eligible for these rewards, Founders, Evangelists, or Moderators must follow the rules and regulations of our Over$ubscribed LinkedIn page. You can view the code of conduct here.

If a member referred you, please list their name and company here.

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