5150 Digital Marketing Group Completes Version 1.0 of its Digital Marketing and Communications Platform for The Financial Services Industry

Platform designed to simplify the process of digital transformation for asset and wealth management firms.


Phoenix, Arizona – February 2020 – 5150 Digital Marketing Group announced the completion of Phase I of its initial IPaaS (Integrated Platform as a Service) solution which has been designed specifically for asset and wealth managers in the financial services industry wanting to capitalize on the benefits of digital technology.

The proprietary platform, Digital Bridge 1.0, integrates data management, CRM, and marketing automation into a platform-based service, providing small to medium sized wealth and asset managers a simplified path to digital adoption. The IPaaS platform approach provides access to state-of-the-art data analytics, persona-based marketing and lead generation, social media content creation and curation, and marketing and communications automation.


“Our data driven platform-based solution levels the playing field, allowing innovators and early adopters to embrace the benefits of digital technology.”


Philip Pietruch, Digital Strategist – 5150 Digital Marketing Group

As the financial services industry continues to be transformed by innovation and automation, many small to medium sized firms have sought the benefits of digital technologies only to find most solutions either too difficult to integrate or out of financial reach. 5150 solves this challenge with a shared platform approach, providing data-driven marketing and communications without the cost, integration challenges, or addition staffing required by other providers.

5150 Digital Marketing Group provides a fully supported approach to digital transformation with the goal of allowing firms of any size to reap the many benefits of data-driven marketing, prospecting, and communications.

About 5150: Bridging the Digital Divide


Utilizing a subscription-based platform, 5150 allows firms to embrace the advantages of data-driven technology, simplifying the path to digital transformation by lowering the cost, removing the technology integration risk, and eliminating the need to hire additional talent. Through its digital platform, the company equips wealth and asset management firms of any size with the tools, technology, and support to compete in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 5150’s integrated platform, The Digital Bridge, is the solution to many firms’ digital needs all powered by data-driven technology. Its main goal? To enhance marketing, prospecting, and communications effectiveness.

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