AciesGroup completes merger with Digital Marketing Group

Boutique financial services marketer and digital solution provider combine forces to help wealth and asset managers embrace digital technology.


Phoenix, Arizona – November 2020 – AciesGroup, a boutique marketing and placement firm has completed its merger with a technology firm, Digital Marketing Group. The combined firm, 5150 Digital Marketing Group will deliver data-driven marketing and communication solutions for small to mid-sized wealth and asset management firms through its IPaaS (integrated platform as a service) solution.

With data-driven technology continuing to disrupt and transform the financial services industry, many small to mid-sized enterprises have sought the benefits of digital transformation only to find most solutions either to difficult to integrate or beyond their financial reach. Utilizing a platform approach, 5150’s digital technology provides data-driven marketing and communication solutions without the exorbitant cost-integration challenges or additional staffing often associated with digital adoption.

“Data-driven marketing and communications are changing the game of investor marketing, prospecting, and communications. 5150’s IPaaS platform puts sophisticated technology within reach of wealth and asset managers wanting to compete in the digital age.”


Joe Worden, President – 5150 Digital Marketing Group

Fusing the track-record, marketing expertise, and relationships of AciesGroup with the technology of Digital Marketing Group allows the combined firm to provide a unique solution to wealth and asset management industries. By packaging the service into an IPaaS solution, 5150 will be able to offer a fully supported path to digital marketing adoption at a fraction of the price of building out and staffing an internal solution. The goal of the firm is to simplify the process of digital transformation for wealth and asset managers of any size wanting to reap the benefits of data-driven marketing, prospecting, and communications.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the firm will spend most of 2020 designing and testing its MVP (minimally viable product) with a select group of asset and wealth managers.


About 5150: Bridging the Digital Divide


Utilizing a subscription-based platform, 5150 allows firms to embrace the advantages of data-driven technology, simplifying the path to digital transformation by lowering the cost, removing the technology integration risk, and eliminating the need to hire additional talent. Through its digital platform, the company equips wealth and asset management firms of any size with the tools, technology, and support to compete in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 5150’s integrated platform, The Digital Bridge, is the solution to many firms’ digital needs all powered by data-driven technology. Its main goal? To enhance marketing, prospecting, and communications effectiveness.

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