Digital Bridge, 5150’s proprietary IPaaS platform (integrated platform as a service) simplifies the path to digital transformation. With multiple packages and a la carte options available, 5150 can serve as a fully outsourced digital marketing department or can be used to enhance the efforts of an existing marketing team.

The Benefits of Platform Technology.


Cost Savings

Platform technology spreads technology costs across multiple users, providing wealth and asset managers access to sophisticated technology and services without the usual expense of technology acquisition, integration, and training.


No Need to Hire Additional Talent

By outsourcing to a dedicated team of digital specialists, platform users eliminate the need to recruit and hire additional marketing team members.


Mitigate the Risk, Eliminate the Complexities

Platform subscribers shift the technology liability to the provider (that’s us) while mitigating the adoption and integration risk.


Big Data Insights

By aggregating data and results across users and campaigns, Digital Bridge becomes a perpetually improving marketing engine fueled by insights from investment-related decision-making.