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What's Included



To drive information or product-seeking traffic to a landing page or website, a manager must first understand the search intent of their prospects. By recognizing the needs they have, the challenges they face, the questions they need answered, and the tools they are seeking require an understanding of the words they will use in their search, as well as the type of content which words they use and what type of content would fit their intent best. In short, you need a keyword strategy.

20 target keywords/phrases

$200 per tranche

Data Sources

Consolidating data sources into one repository provides a sharable, 360° view of the client throughout the investor journey.

Consolidation of data

$500 per source

Investor Personas

"Ideal Investor" personas provide insights into the decision-making behaviors of a targeted audience, as well as help identify off-the-radar prospects through the use of "look-alike" data.

Complete persona with marketing strategies & tactics

$1,350 per persona

Company Social Page

Creating firm/fund profiles in social media is an art unto itself. These profiles are yet another way for asset managers to establish brand and create awareness (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

1 fully optimized company page

$450 per page

Personal LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become a “must have” for manager success in the digital age. However, building them properly is mission critical in building online networks.

1 fully optimized personal profile

$450 per profile

Written Content

To get the most value out of content, it must be written specifically for the targeted stage of the journey and optimized for search when investors and allocators are looking for solutions.

Optimized with target keywords

$150 per piece of content


Ebooks are a less formal form of content and provide an opportunity to explain a managers strategy or competitive edge in a less-objective manner. We use ebooks mainly as a conversion tool in the journey of the investor.

Fully written, optimized, and designed

$2,000 per ebook

White Paper

A white paper is an authoritative yet objective, in-depth, problem/solution report focused on helping a targeted audience navigate challenges they may or may not be aware of. Used properly, white papers address relevant issues along with an objective view of available solutions. White papers are informational, as opposed to sales driven .

Fully written, optimized, and designed

$1,500 per white paper

Press Release

While press releases can grab the immediate attention of a targeted audience, when properly archived, they represent a quick way to understand the history of a manager or a firm.

Fully written with backlinks

$300 per press release

Blog Post

Blog posts can be article summaries, news pieces, or informational resources for a targeted audience. They typically cover a specific topic or query, are informal yet educational in nature, and generally range from 600 to 2,000+ words. Using graphics, blogs can contain other media types such as images, videos, infographics, and interactive charts.

Fully written and optimized w/ backlinks included

$500 per blog post


Used to help prospects and existing LP’s understand current strategies, market conditions, and anticipated returns. LP and prospect newsletters are generally an “opt in” communication tool designed to showcase a fund managers view of performance, market trends, and/or investment opportunities.

Monthly newsletter fully written and automated

$600 per month

Persona-Specific Email Copy

Persona-specific messaging is a reference to stage specific (awareness, research, conversion, advocacy) copy written specifically to connect with the attributes of the reader. Scripting content and messaging to reflect a deeper understanding of the recipient is critical to earning the trust of the prospect.

Fully scripted email campaign w/ persona-specific copy

$750 per campaign

Industry-Specific Articles w/ Backlinks

Third party, or curated content, is content created by industry media, competitors, or industry influencers. This content can be shared on a manager’s social media channels or website/blog. This type of content is an effective way of establishing credibility and “social proof” in the minds of targeted investors.

Article with backlinks

$150 per article

Meet the Manager Video

Scripted videos showcasing the key attributes of a manager via video. Videos have quickly become a “must have” resource for prospective investors trying to learn more about a manager and their style.

Filmed, edited, and fully delivered

$3,500 per fully produced video

Conversations with Portfolio Managers

Recorded conversations between PM’s and industry peers, thought leaders, or other influencers. These videos are a great way of spreading awareness and building credibility.

Recorded, edited, and fully delivered

$750 per video

Social Media Post Templates

Accessing ready to use templates for social media posts allows managers to showcase content and insights in multiple forms and formats, keeping them fresh in the eyes of their prospects each and every time they post.

Template library featuring 6 different content types

$1,500 for full access

One-Page Infographic

Infographics are a visual representation of information or data used to influence targeted prospects. Infographics can visually showcase complex information in a way that in can be rapidly consumed and easily understood. We believe the best use infographics is to showcase statistical complexities, market trends, industry highlights, and comparable data sets.

Full-page, branded, and beautifully designed infographics

$450 per infographic

Direct Mail Campaign

Philosophically, we still believe there is something special about receiving hand-written thanks you’s, congratulatory recognition, and unexpected gifts. When combined with digital strategies, they can positively influence campaign results.

1 campaign (cost of mail piece and postage not included)

$5,000 per complete campaign (up to 100 recipients)
$7,500 per complete campaign (up to 200 recipients)

Social Media Posts

4 additional posts per month

$400 per pack of posts

YouTube (video)

Second only to google in website traffic with more than one billion monthly users watching more than a billion hours of videos each day. YouTube has become increasingly popular among investors conducting research and diligence on investment strategies and managers.

Edited and fully delivered

$200 per minute of completed video length


Medium is a long form content platform best described as where social media intersects with journalism.

1 post

$150 per post

Email Campaign

Automated campaigns with if/then decision logic that allow managers to help guide prospects throughout their investor journey. Each campaign has preset communications with stage-specific copy tailored to each persona.

Fully automated campaign with if/then decision logic

$1,000 per simple campaign (up to 4 emails)
$2,500 per advanced campaign (> 4 emails)

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Paid search or social media campaigns that boost traffic to your site/content.

Set up, activation, and management

$1,500 per campaign (up to 6 campaign assets)
$3,000 per campaign (> 6 campaign assets)

Investor Leads

50 qualified investor leads

$1,500 per tranche

Custom Fundraising Materials

Tear sheets, teasers, pitch decks, and image pieces.

Beautifully designed white label collateral for fundraising support

$2,000 per piece of collateral (up to 15 pages)

Landing Page

Customized, search optimized landing pages to help simplify navigation throughout an investor journey.

Optimized and fully responsive across devices

$1,000 per landing page (depending on complexity)

Lead Capture Form

Equipped with follow-up messaging to help highlight engagements and opportunities with targeted investors.

Custom form with data flow to CRM

$300 per form

Website Design & Development

Effective website design and creation encompasses the right site performance tools, data analysis, dynamic content, and tools to drive exploration and engagement. Solid design will improve site performance, drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue. The final piece of design is keyword and phrase optimization of website content, critical to drive prospects searching for solutions to investment challenges they face.

Complete web design and development from domain set up all the way to site launch

$6,000 (up to 10 pages)
$9,000 (11-20 pages)
$14,000 (20+ pages)
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