A Wealth Manager's Guide
to Modern Marketing and Prospecting.

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Part One: State of The Industry

  • Wealth Management is Going Digital
  • Fintech and the Modern Investor
  • Digital: The Choice of Modern Clients
  • Changing Client Demographics
  • Digital Renaissance: Paying Less to Get More
  • Virtual Success: Embracing Modern Engagement
  • Creating the Modern Advisory
  • Specialization and the Modern Advisory
  • The Role of Education in the Modern Advisory
  • Advisor Branding and The Modern Advisory

Part Two: Market Prep

  • Getting Started: Building the Marketing Foundation
  • Defining and Positioning Brand
  • Turning Insights into Marketing Personas
  • Keywords, Long-Tail Phrases, Hastags, and Meta Tags
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Refining Marketing Assets
  • Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance Policies

Part Three: Design and Execution

  • Approaching the Modern Marketing Landscape
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Synthesizing Elements for a Comprehensive SEO Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Crafting an Integrated Marketing Plan: The Final Puzzle Piece
  • Lead Generation, Nurturing and Automation
  • Regulatory Change: Managing Risk and Compliance

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